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How To Re-round a Filter
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X-pendable® & X-tractor Filters
For Purity & Efficiency

If your requirements involve Hi-psi air or inert gases, X-pendable filters are highly effective. They are recognized worldwide as the premier filter cartridge. Precision engineered and charged with laboratory formulated purifying media, our filters are designed for optimum removal of contaminants.

There are two types of X-tractor filters and both are safely disposable. The Intake X-tractor Element, used at the air intake of compressors for pre-filtering, efficiently remove air particles as tiny as 5 microns. Coalescing X-tractor are placed at the filter system inlet to force out up to 99.9% of airborne water and oil droplets and vapor.

Used in conjunction with X-pendable cartridges, X-tractors complete a smoothly working arrangement designed to elicit optimum performance from your compression purification system.

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