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Appliance, Standard Air/Gas. 5000psi

PN: AF-531-110-F

Suited to producing average amounts and types of purified air/gas - our standard purifiers satisfy flow demands between 6 and 75 SCFM. These units are the staple of the breathing air industry - including fire brigades and dive retailers. Included: Inlet manifold, check valve, relief valve, cartridge change indicator, priority valve, drain valve, petcock vent, pressure gauge, all stainless steel couplers and fasteners, micron particle filter, cartridge set, instruction manual, full 1 year warranty and lifetime warranty against corrosion of the cartridge holders. Specifications: Working Pressure 2000 - 5000 psi, Operating Temperature 120F, Safety Factor 4:1, Cycle Life 15,000, Aluminum with Black Hard Anodized Cartridge Holders.

Standard Purifier. Breathing Air & Inert Gas. Rated 5000psi

AF Type Standard Purifier - 5000 psi

Standard Purifiers

Cartridge Style: Cartridge(s): X53240