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Appliance, Hyper Pure Air/Gas

PN: HF-961-111-F

HF Type Hyper Purifier (5000 psi)

HF Type Hyper Purifier - 5000 psi

Hyper Purifiers

Cartridge Style: Cartridge(s): X96337

Polishing clean gases to ultra pure levels (up to 99.99%) requires equipment designed to those standards. Our Hyper Purifiers will meet the demands of applications such as very pure laboratory gases, blending gases, oxygen compatible air, and anywhere that zero air might be required. Hyper Purifiers are a sensible and simple way to process these gases. Included: Inlet isolation valve and manifold, redundant check valves, priority valve, pressure gauge, petcock vent, all stainless steel couplers and fasteners, high efficiency micron filter, cartridge set, instruction manual, full 1 year warranty. Optional: High Capacity Micronic Filter and Ultra Efficiency Micron Filter. Specifications: Max Pressure 5000 or 6000 psi, Max. Temperature 120F, Safety Factor 4:1, Cycle Life 15,000, Aluminum with Bronze Hard Anodized Cartridge Holder(s).