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Combi-holder-54 Style, 1/2lb

PN: PU-540024-AF

The economy approach both mechanical and adsorbent filtration under one roof. These L-Factor Duplex Holders are a clever design which shortcuts the need for separated housing in low flow air/gas systems. They are ideal for portable compressors under 10 cfm. Included: Parts List, Decal with Cartridge Number, one Cartridge (customer must specify application), & full 1 year warranty and lifetime warranty against corrosion of the cartridge holder. Recommend: Spare Cartridge, High Purity Thread Lube, & Seal Kit

Duplex Cartridge Holder, 0.5 Lb. (5000 psi)

AF Type Duplex Cartridge Holder - 5000 psi

Duplex Cartridge Holders

Cartridge Style: 20 Micron, 54 Series .5 Lb