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We Ensure That It’s PURE!

At Lawrence Factor® we are driven to ensure safe work & play activities of people who depend on compressed Air & Gas. Our products and services help to ensure that Astronauts go comfortably into space, DeepSea Divers can marvel at ocean reefs, First Responders return safely home, Green Gases are usable, and that Foods & Medicines will support healthy lives.


You can count on Lawrence Factor® to ensure your Air & Gas is PURE! Our parts are precision engineered for optimum removal of contaminants and for peak performance from your compression purification system. We specialize in producing purification products that are able to produce Air & Gas which exceeds most recognized purity standards.


Lawrence Factor® X-Zam Labs® is here to show you just how PURE your Air & Gas is. We give you the confidence and security in knowing that your Air & Gas systems are being monitored by a team of experts who will help you every step of the way.

Parts & Service

Lawrence Factor® New Parts™ will be sure to keep you up and running and better than ever! We produce world-class replacement parts for almost all compressor brands, making us the perfect one stop shop for all your high quality compressor part needs.

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