Industrial Oil Filters for Air Compressors

Air Compressor oil filters are typically found in oil-flooded rotary screw compressors. In this application, oil is used to lubricate and seal the rotors on the air-end. This enables the compressor to generate high pressure quickly and deliver compressed air in a single stage.

Oil filters remove any condensate, dirt, sand, or pieces of rust from the oil. This protects your compressor internals such as bearings and the oil separator from damage.

An air compressor oil filter is of cylindrical shape. Depending on the air compressor it is fit for, an oil filter will have an enclosure or will come without one. A filter is composed of a pleated paper filter element that creates the biggest possible surface area for maximum oil flow.

Don’t Take a Risk with a Non-Genuine Filter

When choosing a non-genuine oil filter, you are choosing a product that compromises its specifications to accommodate multiple air compressors. Non-genuine, or generic oil filters are not precisely made and tested for a specific air compressor. This may cause pressure drops, increased energy consumption or breakdowns. Lawrence Factor oil filters are precision engineered to guarantee the performance and integrity of your air compressor, and your entire compressed air system.

Choose Genuine Xtractor Oil Filters

In order to avoid damage and performance loss, it is of utmost importance to choose the right filter for your compressor. The Lawrence Factor Xtractor series are genuine air compressor oil filters designed to protect your compressor. They also protect you from expensive repairs and avoid downtime. Xtractor oil filters are designed to meet all the requirements of OEMs.

In the long-term, dust and dirt contamination can cause damage to an air compressor’s rotors and their housings. High grade filter elements and filtration efficiency can ensure your installation’s uptime.

Built to withstand high operating pressures, Lawrence Factor Xtractor oil filters are resistant to high operating pressures and temperatures. They provide superior performance thanks to a high contaminant holding capacity.

Your air compressor will benefit from a longer operational life, making it more efficient and effective. Each Xtractor genuine oil filter has undergone hours of testing to attain optimum performance. That's why nothing can match Xfactor factory quality genuine oil filters for your air compressor.

At Lawrence Factor we provide wire screen as well as pleated paper oil filters. We also carry a combination of both wire screen and pleated paper oil filters.

Use Lawrence Factor Xtractor genuine oil filters to:

  • Maximize air compressor lifespan
  • Provide the highest grade oil filtration
  • Prevent process contamination
  • Keep your oil and air circuit clean
  • Reduce oil consumption

Protect your return on investment and get the most out of your air compressor with Lawrence Factor Xtractor genuine oil filters.

Contact your Lawrence Factor representative today, or browse our catalog and order an air compressor oil filter online!

Lawrence Factor Oil Filter Service Kits

Take the guessing out of replacing your air compressor oil filter. Lawrence Factor oil filter service kits are a cost effective maintenance solution that keeps your air compressor genuine. Each oil filter service kit includes the following genuine parts for a worry-free oil filter change:

  • Xtractor Oil filter
  • Gasket
  • O-ring

With a Lawrence Factor Oil Filter Service Kit, you have all the parts in one package!

Here are some additional benefits of ordering a Lawrence Factor Oil Filter Service Kit:

  • Money Savings - a Service Kit costs less than the sum of its components if ordered separately
  • Easy Ordering - every Service Kit uses a single part number, allowing you to make a single order that is easy to repeat
  • All-In-One Package - every Service Kit contains all the ingredients you need for a successful oil filter change in a single package, making maintenance easier

Contact your Lawrence Factor representative today, or browse our catalog and order an oil filter service kit online!