Air Compressor Parts - 100% OEM

The performance of your air compression system depends largely on the quality of your equipment. The air compressor acts as the heart of the system, and as such needs to be maintained properly using 100% OEM parts and kits. At Lawrence Factor (F-Factor), our extensive catalog of air compressor parts and kits are manufactured strictly to OEM specifications.

Your air compressor is composed of many unique parts that function in unison to make your processes work optimally, saving you time and money. When it comes to protecting your Return on Investment (ROI), there’s no better way than prescribed maintenance and using proven and rugged OEM parts from Lawrence Factor.

Limit Downtime, Avoid Malfunctions

We know how important it is for you to keep your processes running optimally. So when performance suffers, or you experience an unfortunate malfunction, turn to the experts to keep your operations going smoothly. Order your OEM parts and service kits from L-Factor at affordable prices.

Extensive Stock of Parts

We stock a wide variety of air compressor parts and kits to suit your needs. From Auto Condensate Drain Kits to Valve Heads and anything in between, you can bet Lawrence Factor will be your easiest and most reliable source for OEM replacement air compressor parts and repair kits. 

Besides our own manufactured parts, our stock also includes genuine and OEM-equivalent air compressor parts from brands you trust such as: CompAir, Ingersoll Rand, Gardner Denver, Reavell, Leroi, Belliss and Morcom, and more.

One Stop Shop for Air Compressor Parts

We know time is of essence when your processes stop due to an air compressor malfunction. Limiting downtime to a minimum is your first priority, and we also make it ours. You can trust us to supply you with what you need, and do it quickly so you can revive operations as soon as possible. 

Our “one-stop” philosophy affords you the convenience to find the parts and kits you need quickly. Whether it’s a valve kit, a cylinder, or an electrical air pressure switch, you will most likely find it in the L-Factor catalog.

At Lawrence Factor, we supply only new replacement compressor parts and repair kits. We also manufacture parts and kits to exacting OEM specifications. This way, our stocks are always replenished and our wide selection of OEM parts is never diminished. 

Our Entire Stock at Your Fingertips - Order Online

Best of all, you can order air compressor parts and repair kits online from our website. We provide fast shipping at a very competitive price. Let Lawrence Factor be your online one-stop-shop. 

OEM Parts and Kits

Whether you’re looking to perform a valve overhaul, order a master maintenance kit, or simply swap out a worn part, we have the items you need to get your equipment working again. We sell air compressor parts for most makes and models sold today as well as hard to find parts for older, discontinued models. Whatever air compressor runs your process, we can outfit the part you need for it.

If You Can’t Find It, Give Us a Shout!

Our dedicated team of sales and service professionals bring many years of experience in product knowledge. They will be happy to help you locate the parts you need or choose a fitting alternative.

Contact us and we’ll get the parts you need in no time.