Industrial Air Gas Purifiers

At Lawrence Factor, we are driven to ensure safe work and play activities for people who depend on compressed air and gas. Our industrial air/gas purifiers ensure that astronauts go comfortably into space, deep sea divers can marvel at ocean reefs and first responders return safely home. They are also an indispensable part of processes that create green gasses and biofuels, and foods and medicines that support healthy lives.

Why are Air and Gas Purifiers Used?

Air/gas purifiers are key components for applications that provide pure breathing air to, for example, deep sea divers, astronauts or first responders. Gas delivery applications also rely on air and gas purifiers to deliver a pure form of a specific gas (natural or hydrogen gas, for example) to its point of use. 

Whether it is used for breathing or as a part of a specific process. Air and gas can be corrupted by contaminants. Hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen can render the air and gas impure. Contaminated air or gas can lead to catastrophic results such as death in the case of breathing air for deep sea divers, or astronauts.

Gas purifiers are crucial in bioprocessing where living cells such as bacteria and enzymes are used to create indispensable products for everyday use. These include vaccines and biofuels.

Among others, the following industries rely on quality gas purifiers:

  • Fire and Safety
  • Military and Defense Systems
  • Pharma and Food Production
  • Undersea Diving & SCUBA
  • Aerospace

Why Choose Lawrence Factor Gas Purifiers?

Lawrence Factor provides a wide range of specialized purifiers for various applications. Our air & gas purifiers deliver superior capacities and exceptionally longer lifetimes. We offer a large selection of purifiers for point of use, bulk delivery systems, as well as purifiers for specific application and tool requirements.

We are a leading supplier of air & gas purifiers for high purity gas delivery systems, and specialized gas purification applications.

We supply gas purifiers from reputable brands, trusted by leading global OEMs. Each purifier that we sell delivers high purity and reliable quality based on a robust and proven design. 

An Extensive Supply of Purifiers

At Lawrence Factor, we stock a wide range of reliable air and gas purifiers. We offer economical standard purifiers that satisfy the needs of the breathing air industry, including fire brigades and deep sea dive retailers. These come in portable and stationary variants.

Our hyper purifier towers are designed to be installed as a supplement to the existing filtration on a high-pressure air compressor system. Used to purify oxygen compatible air (OCA), blending air, laboratory air, hyper purifiers continue to deliver OCA even when the primary filtration system experiences a failure. 

We offer purifiers for small to medium sized compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations. These purifiers were developed specifically for dehydrating and filtering of fuels used in vehicles. Our "once-thru" cartridge keeps all contaminants in the cartridges. There is no loose desiccant to contend with or clean up after and little danger of environmental pollution. 

Find a Purifier for Your Application

Lawrence Factor purifiers use special high efficiency micron particle filters to always keep hydrocarbon contaminants below hazardous levels when blending with high pressure oxygen. Constructed from non-reactive aluminum and bronze or black hard anodized materials for robustness. Each purifier features an inlet valve, a check valve, a priority valve, a drain valve and a pressure gauge. Our purifiers offer a range of capacities up to 40000 CF for dual cartridge models, and are rated up to 7000 PSI. 

Additional features on selected models include:

  • Inlet manifold
  • Relief valve
  • Cartridge change indicator,
  • Petcock vent
  • All stainless steel couplers and fasteners
  • Cartridge set included
  • A full 1 year warranty on the purifier
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty on the cartridge holders

One Stop Shop for Air Compressor Parts

We know time is of essence when your processes stop due to an air compressor malfunction. Limiting downtime to a minimum is your first priority, and we also make it ours. You can trust us to supply you with what you need, and do it quickly so you can revive operations as soon as possible. 

At Lawrence Factor, we supply only new replacement air/gas purifiers, manufactured to exacting OEM specifications. 

Our “one-stop” philosophy affords you the convenience to find the air/gas purifier you need quickly in the L-Factor catalog.

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Best of all, you can order air/gas purifiers online from our website. We provide fast shipping at a very competitive price. Let Lawrence Factor be your online one-stop-shop

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