Quality; the stuff by which a brand is measured. Purity; the absence of adverse stuff. Analysis; precision in measuring both. Quality, Purity, Precision Analysis; the stuff of which X-zam® Labs is made

You believe in solid quality control. X-Zam Labs does too. And it's the reason we first began analyzing purified gases - - so that we could prove that our air-&-gas purifiers perform to the highest standards. X-zam® Laboratories evolved over time, eventually introducing that very same service to uncompromising individuals like yourself. X-zam® Labs is now backed by ISO-17025 accreditation which is recognized worldwide.

Going undetected, contaminants can have far reaching consequences:

  • Disabling workers, triggering long term illness or even death
  • Affecting longevity of costly equipment and breathing apparatus
  • Reducing effectiveness of Air & Gas products
  • Contaminted end product


Purified air-&-gas is a product. And like other products, such as purified water, we believe you want confidence in the quality of your product. There may even be quality requirements by a higher authority such as OSHA or NFPA

Perhaps the goal is in locating a source of gas contamination - - it's just a matter of good sense to assure yourself, your team, and your clients that your system is performing as it should.

It may be that a regulatory agency requires 3rd party analysis in order to meet their requirements. That 3rd party lab ought to be unbiased. One that uses precise scientific methods. A lab that is accredited.

X-zam® Labs performs precision analysis that conforms to just about every requirement worldwide. We do it to the strictest standards, because we are just as uncompromising as those agencies - - and as you.

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Specimens: Complex = Easy

Purity should give you peace of mind - - not occupy your mind

At X-Zam Labs we think that purity should give you peace of mind, not occupy your mind. Our goal is for complicated things to be made simple and convenient for you to accomplish.

With X-zam® Labs, collecting a specimen is easy - you can do it yourself or one of our local agents can be enlisted to pay a house visit. The lab provides everything needed within our patented sampling kit, which is loaned to you at no charge.

Trapping the specimen couldn't be simpler with our few step kit. There are no complicated vials or gadgets. Tests can be conducted on a one-time basis or you may enroll in a program where specimens are analyzed on a regular schedule. If you analyze large numbers of specimens - there is the option to electronically submit your sample via our immediate response instrument: the Lab On Locale®.

Tests, Results & Reports

No matter the PureAir or InertGas application, X-zam® Labs most likely has the ability to analyze it.

At the end of all this is a piece of paper. But that paper gives you confidence. Confidence in your gas, confidence in a lab that is competent, confidence that your air or gas is squeaky clean. Security - - that's what you end up with.

From beginning to end in the field of purified gases - no other firm matches the resources and qualifications of X-Zam Labs, where that’s our focus.

Clients come to us not only for expert advice but for our quick responsiveness. In the making of PURE air-&-gases, clients rely on our services as a piece of their quality assurance program. A prudent choice indeed… because X-zam® Labs is focused, and whose mission is focused on products making the purest of compressed air & gas.

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Accreditation: Our Pedigree

Whether selecting a school, a professional, or a laboratory... consider "Are they skilled & legitimate?" Accreditation replies to that question.

Since the results of the analysis you receive from a laboratory are used to determine the magnitude or presence of a problem in the workplace or environment, it is vital that the lab analyzing the samples be proficient in producing high-quality data. A laboratory earning accreditation is one that has demonstrated that it can produce accurate high-quality results on a consistent basis. Without accreditation, it is unclear what standards and quality systems are actually employed by the laboratory. Accreditation additionally assures an objective outside safeguard because the lab has to participate in PAT (Proficiency Analytical Testing) quality control programs OR external programs (round robins) with strict statistical limits.

X-zam® Labs follows the Laboratory Quality Assurance Program (LQAP)… the highest possible model for laboratories. A protocol such as this is so important, especially when a lab's scope is analyzing for hazardous breathing agents. X-zam® Lab's scope includes Compressed Breathing Air, Medical/Pharmaceutical Air & Gas, and Compressed Air for Manufacturing. Additionally, a legitimate laboratory would comply with ISO 17025* as well as the LQAP Policy Models. Industry/specific standards like those of the CSA**, NFPA***, and OSHA further define the field of testing and methodology ... facilitated by accreditation.

By Maintaining reliability of data and lab results, accreditation provides the ultimate protection for companies, their workers, and their consumers. A definitive line of defense for any outcome to be determined in a court of law.

*International Organization for Standardization
**Canadian Standards Agency
***National Fire Protection Association

How Does A Lab Get Accredited?

What Are The Accredited Criteria?

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