Parts & Service

One Stop. We understand that your time is valuable. We understand that you simply want simple solutions. That's why at L-Factor our goal is to be your One-Stop-Shop for making high purity gases.

One Stop

Keeping an Air & Gas system, especially a superior one, performing tip-top will require maintenance products.

Lawrence Factor® makes it convenient to get those products; Products known for reliability, ruggedness, performance - - and superiority.

At the L-Factor One-Stop-Shop

Even with the best of equipment a time will come for maintenance OR perhaps a modification to suit your changing requirements. This is the time where a Lawrence Factor® product can satisfy those needs.

Our “one-stop” philosophy affords you the convenience to get those needs met here at L-Factor. Be it a piece of piping & hose, a gauge, a gas control, or a spare part, you will most likely find it in the LFactor catalog. And all are crafted to serve critically pure needs at pressures as high as 10,000 PSI.

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

High-Pressure Valves & Accessories

They’re just as rugged and reliable as our purification systems - because many of these accessories are the very same components that go into those. Of course, all of Lawrence Factor®’s high pressure accessories are crafted to serve critically pure needs and at highly elevated pressures - some as high as 10,000 psi.

Our engineers took extra care that these products would have as few moving parts as possible - knowing that this feature will keep them operating far longer than most and make them a snap to service.

We offer a healthy selection of valving, piping & hose, gauges, and air & gas controls - all constructed of the toughest materials, withstanding nature's meanest elements.

  • Gate & Bleed Valves
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Yokes & Fillers
  • Relief Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Priority Valves
  • Tubing & Hose
  • Gauges

High-Pressure Compressor Spares & Tech Supplies

A well maintained compressor is as vital to making purified air-&-gas as are the gases that feed it. And it’s with that same vitality our New Parts™ brand spare parts are produced. That means that no matter which brand compressor you own, or if you own a number of brands, you have only to make one stop to find everything you need. Find what you need with our diagrams and search tool - - or contact the L-Factor team for guidance. Most wear parts available, such as:

  • Overhaul Kits
  • Valve Heads & Valves
  • Pistons & Piston Rings
  • Gaskets, O-Rings, Seals
  • Bearings
  • Tech Supplies

High-Purity Sorbents, Agents, & Cleansers

Each of these materials was chosen from the chemistry we employ in our highly powerful filter cartridges. Many years of study & immeasurable hours of real world performance testing went into developing these agents. Our sorbents target and capture specific molecules in a web of atomic magnets, effectively eliminating every fraction of contaminant from a gas stream. Choose from a range of desiccants, catalysts, and carbons each formulated to perform under a specific set of conditions - - all packaged in a variety of sizes with longterm shelf life in mind.

  • Cleansers
  • Desiccants
  • Adsorbents
  • Absorbents
  • Catalysts
  • Wadding & Pads

High-Purity Lubes & Greases

The L-Factor brands of lubes and cleansing agents are designed to work in concert high purity compressed air-&-gas equipment. Naturally, these Lawrence Factor® products are of the highest grade and the highest purity.